How to test the back glue Velcro adhesive

by:BAILI     2020-10-18
Life, talk about: 'break up' is very realistic, but! Here small make up said is not true of couples break up oh! But in life, when buying back glue Velcro has a variety of categories, if the wrong, is can lead to product damage, such as the customer really broke up! Let small make up teach you how to test the back glue Velcro adhesive: 1. Gum magic with ordinary hot melt glue, its melting point is point, suitable for low temperature environment and winter use, its adhesion, strong is more general. 2. Another is high temperature hot melt adhesive, high melting point, suitable for summer and some of the high temperature on the mechanical, stronger adhesion, adhesion after a strong and stronger. 3. Still have a kind of back glue product for 3 m, it is using 3 m adhesive cut into corresponding specification adhesive hook and loop on the back of the product, belongs to the relatively special high-grade processing products. How to test whether or not the back glue Velcro adhesive in place, need to master certain skills, rather than blindly to measure, so that when we measure the back glue Velcro viscosity, can use the following methods to measure! 1. Ready for a small piece of the back glue hook and loop material, convenient for experimental use. 2. Then in this piece back glue Velcro repeatedly paste, in order to distinguish the results. 3. If in the case of viscous better, back glue Velcro is difficult to off, even after the off the surface of the back glue Velcro will there is a thick layer of glue. 4. If in the process of experiment, back glue Velcro is very easy to peel, then explain the back glue Velcro adhesive is bad!
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