How to test the Velcro color fastness to good and bad

by:BAILI     2020-11-01
About what is the color fastness to hook and loop fastening belt color fastness refers to what? Color fastness, 色牢度) Also known as color fastness, color fastness. Refers to the color of the Velcro on the resistance of various functions in the process of processing and use. According to the sample color and dye not affixed lining fabric with color fastness rating. Textile color fastness test textile inner quality test is a routine inspection project. Fastening with hook and loop textiles in the process of its use will be affected by light, washing, ironing, perspiration, friction and the role of the chemical agents and other various kinds of the outside world, some textile printing and dyeing and after special processing, such as resin finishing, flame retardant finishing, sand washing, etc. , this requires printing and dyeing textile color remains relatively fastness. hook and loop fastness good or bad, directly related to human health and safety, poor color fastness to products in the process of wearing, encounter rain, sweat would fade, fabric on the pigment loss which the dye molecules and heavy metal ions can be absorbed by human body through the skin and endanger the health of human body skin, on the other hand can also affect the wear in the body of the other was stained color, or other clothing and other clothes washing dyed dirty.
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