How to use adhesive Velcro! _

by:BAILI     2021-04-10

Nowadays, many people are very keen to use adhesive Velcro. In their opinion, adhesive hook and loop is more convenient, more comfortable, and simpler than ordinary tricks.

  To post, just lightly apply a layer of oily release paper of Skar, which not only shortens our working time and improves work efficiency, but also brings a different visual experience.

   Actually, in our daily life, the use of adhesive hook and loop is very extensive, and it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. The scope of application: home furnishing, paper packaging, electronics, stationery, Raincoat,

   plastic, PVC, leather, luggage, auto supplies, metal, handicrafts, glass, handbags, bathroom supplies, etc. It can also be stamped in various specifications and shapes according to customer needs. The product can also be used as a protection pad for stool legs, fixed products and other fields.

Comparison of the stickiness of    adhesive Velcro: This product itself is a kind of sticky product, and for stickiness, it can basically stick to all products, and for daily products, using it is more Suitable. For the sticky top, it only needs to stick to it, unless it uses a lot of strength, it will generally not fall off. Advantages: convenience and protection.

   When using adhesive Velcro buckles, we generally encounter the following non-stick conditions and some tips to solve them:

   (1) We are using adhesive magic After attaching the buckle tape for a period of time, a lot of debris is stuck on the surface of the hard plastic hook inside. This is easy to handle, as long as we use a convenient thing to pick out the impurities.

   (2) When the hook and loop strap is not sticky, we can find something that can be heated, and put it on it for a while to heat it, and then it can stick to it again.

   (3) The hair on the side that looks like soft hair has fallen off, we only need to change it slightly, find useful adhesive Velcro straps from other clothes or other places Cut it out and sew it on again, then it can be reused. If you can't find a good and useful Velcro buckle with adhesive backing, you can also buy some easy to use online. You can find it and you will find it. Feel free to learn to sew it yourself.

   (4) What if you still cannot solve your problem? There is no other way, then you can only take it to the place where there is a tailor and let them give you a new one.

   (5) Also, when you buy shoes, you have to pay attention to choosing. It is better to choose the kind of adhesive Velcro buckle that can be folded back and pasted. , Because that kind of thing won't spread out easily.

   (6) In the end, when we use this kind of adhesive Velcro fastener tape, it is also necessary to pay attention to its material, because it is still very simple to be damaged. In order not to cause damage, you must pay attention to it, so that the bonding effect will be better.    

   Although the real thing is small, it can exert a great effect. This kind of trick has become an indispensable part of our lives. I believe that many people have encountered the above problems. Their favorite shoes, bags, clothes, etc. are not sticky.

   I love it very much, and I am reluctant to just not wear it, so I can try it. Try the tips shared above and you will know how to use adhesive Velcro!

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