How to use elastic DIY short skirt

by:BAILI     2020-11-15

use their own printing and dyeing cloth, make a simple and easy, the waist is elastic and fine plait skirt, if you make a bag with the same material, the collocation are together, then immediately highlight the unique personal charm! Short skirt material: fabric width 70 cm, length of S - M type 140 centimeters, L - LL type 160 centimeters. ( If the 110 cm width of cloth, can put the remaining 40 cm fabric making a matching handbag) 。 1 elastic bandwidth. The length of 5 cm, S - M type 60 centimeters, L - LL type 75 centimeters. Short skirt cut: fabric on both sides of the up and down inside the fold, draw a line cut, cut out along the former one piece dress and skirt after pills). Inside the red circle Numbers for seam portion size. Short skirt sewn: 1) Seam Ken line. Skirt edge of serrated side whipstitch comes first, and then suture Ken line (left/right 1. 5 cm seam) In the left Ken line to reserve elastic perforation position does not sew, and to be sewed to strengthen at the bottom of the hole position. Sewed up after the expansion joint, well-pressed. 2) Sew the dress. Using three twists, fold 1 cm, to 2 cm, on the edge of the distance of 1. 8 cm distance machine stitch a circle. 3) The seam around the waist. The skirt waist within the top fold 2. 5 cm, 2 cm on the edge of the distance from the machine stitch a circle. 4) Wear elastic. According to his waist, make a mark on the elastic, after wearing the skirt waist position in tag sew the ends of the elastic pressure two horizontal lines, cut off the excess elastic end, and the perforation suture.

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