How to use opportunely back glue Velcro?

by:BAILI     2020-11-01
Back glue Velcro in life's application range is very wide, involves the industry is also a lot of, as long as you understand its use principle, believe it can help you to solve many problems in their lives. Introduce for everybody below, back glue Velcro composition: a MAO, a hook surface, on the basis of ordinary hook and loop apply a layer of glue on the back of the hook on the surface of the hair, medium so as to make it stick to the other object. Then there is the working principle of the back glue Velcro in order to facilitate everybody understanding, instance, stick on the refrigerator to put the remote control. Operations are: general use hook side stick on the refrigerator, press, make the rubber surface and refrigerator surface contact, give full play to its performance, with MAO's side stick on the remote control, according to close in the same way, the rest is hooked hairs stick to press the line. Back glue hook and loop is very extensive, explain for everybody here everyday in the usage of glue Velcro back; Summer mosquito, house need to screen window, but rent room no, plastic window screen, is practical economical artifact, buy a back glue Velcro simple screen window, hook face pasted on the window first, click on on the wool surface according to the direction. Can also be used to fixed board on the wall, at the time of board is not enough, take a few fixed appliance can be used at the same time, the inserting plate fixed on the wall surface, at this time, back glue Velcro again come in handy, hook stick wall, MAO surface glue board, and the easier. Fixed door curtain, mosquitoes in summer, the use of the curtain, need fixed on door along the curtain, a one click. Rental housing door lock is broken. What do artifacts back glue Velcro again, back to thin surface glue Velcro sticking to the door plank and frame of the interface, how, have and solve a difficult problem. Rental housing practical economical artifact, economical effect is ideal.
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