How to use the back glue Velcro can effectively prolong the life of him

by:BAILI     2020-10-11
With the invention of the Velcro, because of its low price, good quality, can play an unimaginable role in many fields, hook and loop growing popularity in our daily life. But the magic stick is a kind of consumables, in the use of multiple or after using for a long period of time, its viscosity will gradually failure. So the correct use of Velcro is what we have to understand, only the correct use of Velcro, to extend its life. Among them, represented by back glue Velcro. So, how should we use it correctly? The first point, the preservation of the back glue Velcro. We bought the Velcro in general is not a one-time use up, so the preservation of the Velcro is to be prepared. Production of raw materials is generally normal Velcro hook post flannelette or flannelette, plastic hook is normal hook on normal hair, so you must to do in the preservation of fire prevention. Due to expire after flooding, so waterproof is inevitable. Second, the use of glue Velcro back. When you need to use the magic stick, Velcro open the correct way is to open up and down, this not only voice is small, and very easy to open. If is about to open, not only have a bigger sound, and Velcro will easily lead to its being torn bad for hook broken off. If found when open the hook and loop on the back is not clean, after should stick good Velcro by ordinary cleanser, rather than directly cleaning, in that case, will cause the viscosity variation of Velcro, affect their life. At the time of cleaning the Velcro, must not use corrosive cleaner, in that case, will not only make the surface of the Velcro was pitted, also make the early retirement. The third point, back glue Velcro load capacity. Due to the limitation of the production of Velcro material, hook and loop bearing; Quantity is very limited. So in the process of use, must not let the hook and loop to bear some of the big power, this will make the Velcro collapse, cause irreparable damage, leading to the life of the Velcro, early failure. The correct preservation and use glue Velcro back your money, also can save you a lot of time and energy, and energy conservation and environmental protection. So, we hope you can correct treat Velcro, let the magic stick to bring convenience to your life.
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