I peak Monster Velcro generation combat boots design inspiration, rounding

by:BAILI     2020-09-05
This is peak Monster generation combat boots I give you a first impression. However, the characteristics of this war boots can be more than just superficial, while its appearance and named after some simple and crude, but the design concept is crude and refined. If you really understand this war boots in all aspects, eyes might present a scene the beasts to the illusion. Peak Monster Velcro generation I combat boots design inspiration, a peak Monster Velcro inspiration origin in the world any thing has its reason, the birth of this Monster generation I combat boots is unfounded, peak will launch it in this time period, use the designer shi-jie zhou the feelings restoring ancient ways is in order to meet the fans: 'our generation begin to dawn, sneakers have fever emotion is mostly in the 1990 s, when the shoe has many are extremely exaggerated appearance, with a very practical performance. And now, our youth will be gone, then accompany our most star also retired, so I just want to design a 1990 s style of tennis shoes, let you recall the unforgettable years. 'Peak Monster Velcro shoe this war boots of status symbol in English - English letters 'Monster' - Located near the ankle of article 3 of the hook and loop, is this a few sharp letters modelled on the poster of the movie 'king kong' font, let a person as if place oneself jin-gang yu on the skyscrapers of the bloody battle field. Peak generation Monster I combat boots design inspiration, a peak Monster skull although Velcro sole Monster war boots looks very terrible, but it has a very delicate 'heart', after this from its palm bottoms inside small skull can be seen on the details. Moreover, this should reflect the forward skulls but due to the design of cartoon style with some 'kawaii' feeling. Peak Monster Velcro lizards scale 80% of the surface of the Monster war boots big background is the lizard scale grain design. Lizard scales as hard as iron, in the role of mutual compact arrangement, almost nothing can harm the skin beneath the scales. And apply the lizard scale grain design on the sole of the Monster, not only improves the combat boots outsole beautiful degree, peak basketball department designers also repeatedly by the 'scale hole size, depth,' test to improve its wear resistance. Peak Monster Velcro poison dart frogs Monster war shoe soles of overall appearance like poison dart frog's eyes. Poison dart frog is one of the world's most beautiful frog species, is also one of the most toxic species. Poison dart frogs are mainly distributed in Brazil, Guyana, Chile, etc in the area of tropical rainforest, full and bright and colorful, limbs covered with scales. Their markings to show off their beauty not only, also warned the invading enemy. This temperament and Monster war boots four-walled arguably has the same effect. Peak Monster Velcro six eye sand found in the Monster of six ascend a dot is a symbol of a kind of very special creatures - Six eye sand and spiders. The spider is not spinning, also won't netting, but it is one of the world's most venomous spiders, even up to the size of the throughout the animal kingdom, its toxicity is still leading the way. And the vitality of the six eye sand spiders also amazing, even if they don't eat not to drink, it also can survive for a year. Spider metaphor in six eye sand Monster war boots, on the one hand is to reflect on the pitch the lethality of the wearer, on the one hand, also is a symbol of its durable service life. Peak Monster Velcro shark shark class thriller movie we saw in the dorsal fin, often see with shark fin surface build an atmosphere of terror, in fact, shark fin in reality has a more important role. Fish can swim in the water is usually depend on the body's swinging and produce reaction to move forward. At this point, the fish is equivalent to the dorsal fin vertical rudder, plays a very key role to keep their balance. So the Monster shark fin on the combat boots in addition to the combat boots looks more fierce, also it has a strong sense of balance. Peak Monster Velcro raptor Monster with wings of combat boots bottom sidewall stress groove design inspiration comes from their position of bird wings. Raptors flying system is very developed, long wing feathers of birds of prey can use air hovering in the air for a long time, wing kohane dilute the raptor can also through the wings to hover for a short period of time back and forth, the hover can help them find better and chasing prey. The Monster in the combat boots bottom sidewall stress groove like 'avatar' is the wings of birds of prey and his wings. Peak Monster beast bite in the biomechanics of animals, what kind of power is the most bullying? The peak basketball department designers get a lot of inspiration when access to information. Human usually bite only 20 to 30 kilograms on average, while large carnivorous animal bite at 800 to 1200 kilograms. According to these data, large carnivorous animals on crack crack under two big tooth and tooth the outside of the two big when tooth occlusal morphology was perfectly used in the Monster to his foot and ankle on the package of shoes below three direction crisscross, like a wild animal bite, will both feet firmly locked inside the boots.
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