I want to customize a Velcro, which is better

by:BAILI     2020-10-16
Velcro ( Fastening belt) A side is a kind of loop, with bristle. Because of the influence of the material, at the time of use, must be targeted, especially for the Velcro on the baby products. Baby's skin is generally tender, then used in the chinese-style chest covering on the baby products, diapers. The hook and loop on the bib is commonly use? Baby dedicated Velcro is to use 2 # injection HOOK, characteristics are as follows: 1, HOOK type hooks: 2 # 3 # injection HOOK is composed of nylon material injection molding, super clear, ultrathin, super lateral force, More than an average of 1000 g/cm) Not easy to hook yarn, hook type meticulous, in garment sewing appearance texture preferred. 2, the grain Lines: material is qualitative soft, does not hurt the hand, nonpoisonous and harmless, quality guaranteed, you rest assured, hook face evenly aligned, smooth to the touch doesn't feel all stab thorn hook surface, especially suitable for baby products. 3, Thickness Thickness: colour fastness to reach more than 4, the Thickness of 0. 99 mm, 5000 - durability Collocation of 20000 times, heat resistant, cold resistant, durable, rough up the clothes the most sexual bonding effect. Is a professional manufacturer of baby hook and loop, then type for custom all kinds of hook and loop, advanced equipment, complete variety, quality is more comfortable! Can be in accordance with the requirements of the guests cut out each size shape injection, would like to know more detailed environmental ultra-thin soft baby hook shot, fastening belt information to inquire, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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