Identify textile fastening belt

by:BAILI     2020-11-12
Textile fastening belt fastening with the identification of the identification of textiles. Identification methods including touch, vision measurement, burning, microscope, dissolved, coloring and infrared spectrum. In actual recognition, often need to use a variety of methods, comprehensive analysis and research. Fastening belt first, natural fiber and chemical fiber is by burning to identify. If it is a natural fiber, so with a microscope to identify all kinds of plant fibre and animal fibre. If it is chemical fiber, fiber of melting point, density, refractive index, and the difference of solubility will distinguish one by one. In identification of blended yarn and blended yarn, usually for a microscope, to make sure they contain several kinds of fiber, then use the appropriate method to identify them. For fastening belt dyeing and finishing of fiber, usually need to be dyed, stripping or other appropriate pretreatment, in order to ensure reliable identification results.
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