Identify the magic stick from the aspects of design and production

by:BAILI     2020-10-19
To identify the stand or fall of Velcro, only need to pay attention to the following: 1, double check the density of MAO, we need to observe the rigidity of baseband, that is to say whether solidly Velcro weaving. 2, the material, the female face and the male density into degrees below also largely reflects the stand or fall of Velcro, in general, female face and the closer male face, is that the good performance of the Velcro, is on the market. Velcro on the material composition of nylon brush with eyes nylon brush, nylon as well, using some of the polyester. 3, glue, nylon and polyester mix material performance is very good also, look at the single side adhesive synthesis, generally with comparison method, or use electronic measurement are compared; Again to see if double match closely, paying special attention to color fastness. Market all the products are designed for consumers, the main effect is convenient, improve our lives and hook and loop at the time of design should be from the perspective of consumers. When consumer is using Velcro, the most important is to focus on product quality, practicality, convenience, and the price, only after comprehensive consideration, and that products meet your demand, will make up his mind to buy. Want to improve market competitiveness, at the time of design, should consider to what customers need. A Velcro diapers can only see the part's surface, so a lot of parents in the choice, often to surface whether soft as buy diapers. Associate professor of materials science and engineering college of Beijing institute of clothing, said cheung chi summer choose diapers, in addition to pay attention to the surface of the softness, should also pay attention to whether diapers surface has bacteriostatic effect. The surface layer of diapers are generally use very thin non-woven fabrics used to isolate the baby's skin and absorb the urine, high quality diapers usually added in the surface of a certain skin care ingredients, such as aloe vera, thus suppressing bacteria, protect the baby's skin. In addition to antibacterial sex, diapers moisture absorption effect is also performed on the surface. In diapers when testing standard, has a 'slippery ooze amount' indicator, reflect the lyophilic sex on the surface of the product. Less slippery ooze, indicates that the liquid can quickly permeate absorption layer, thus ensuring product can absorbs the liquid quickly, keep the skin dry. 'Good Velcro diapers surface and water diversion layer often USES lock design, feeling the surface is still fresh after micturition, didn't shed hair not sticky. And more bad of the diapers are urine after wet, and baby Velcro easy shed skin contact process, appear even the phenomenon of the ball.
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