Identify the ribbon quality

by:BAILI     2020-11-15

so the identification way of ribbon quality? I place all simple share below: 1, pollution: 'with the naked eye look have besmirch, dyeing, grease and other stolen goods. 2, the color difference test: this can be observed with the naked eye, look at its color, grain volume with the needle, not mixed and disorderly, should be very pure color. 3, burrs, usually some yarn burrs, this also can be observed with the naked eye, both sides of the ribbon and overlock cannot have serious lint and wool yarn. 4, jump needle: this is also can be observed by the naked eye, ribbon cannot jump needle. Ribbon quality must be also related to the specifications of the ribbon, ribbon quality standard specification is the best embodiment. 5, thickness detection: use vernier caliper measurement, accurate to 0, 001, tolerance no more than plus or minus 0, 1 mm. 6, width detection: above 1 inch and 1 inch width is measured with a caliper of ribbon, tolerance is no more than plus or minus 0, 25 points; 1 inch and 1 inch below the ribbon width, the standard tolerance no more than plus or minus 0, 25 mm. Note: plain weave, herringbone belt must be enough size, must not exceed 0, 25 points.

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