In what form the back glue Velcro?

by:BAILI     2020-10-24
The so-called 'back glue Velcro', just as its name implies is cohesive function on the back of a tool. Back glue Velcro is a common form a complete set of hair hook fastening together clung together, together with super viscous force, can be directly adhesion on the plane, a high density. So, in what form the back glue Velcro? That is using high temperature hot melt glue machine, glue to dissolve the ordinary Velcro and special Velcro strap on the back, and then followed by a layer of oil on the paste from type paper, thus forming a back glue Velcro finished product. So, the price of the back glue Velcro is how? Back glue hook and loop price 1, double back glue Velcro, snap button invisible screen window stickers, mother tie fastening tape stick price: 9. 8 yuan/a. 2, home back glue Velcro fastening belt hook Velcro, sting stick 16 mm circular 70 piece price: 8 yuan. 3, 25 meters back glue Velcro, invisible screen window baby Velcro cable tie price: 19. 5 yuan. 4, back glue Velcro strong snap button fastening, with surface rough screen window hook thorn hook 25 mm price: 10 yuan. 5, fine packaging household back glue Velcro, fastening tape, Velcro, bristle with 25 mm round 50 on piece price: 10 yuan. 6, square piece back glue Velcro 20 on tablets 25 mm wide price: $6. 7, back glue Velcro powerful magic buckle with 2. 0 cm 25 meters installed price: 15 yuan. 8, don't take back glue Velcro double face mother invisible screen window Velcro cable tie price: 12 yuan. 9, 25 meters back glue Velcro 10 cm wide price: 130 yuan. Back glue Velcro price 1, strong back glue Velcro fastening belt, belt plastic window screen stick Velcro adhesive type price: 15 yuan. 2, 5 cm wide strong hang back glue Velcro stick stick price: $25. 3, as long as the hook back glue Velcro hook surface to make the screen door curtain accessories price: $17. # 4, 5 cm wide sticky Velcro strap clothes mei red, green, brown blue-gray price: 12. 5 yuan. 5, strong back glue Velcro fastening plastic window screen stick with Velcro adhesive type price: 15 yuan. Six, high-quality elastic strong rubber band elastic belt price: 2. 5 yuan / 10 cm. 7, 2 cm wide Velcro fastening clothes hat shoes sewing accessories price: 10 yuan. 8, 3. 8 cm wide strong back glue Velcro hook and loop son mother stick the Velcro price: 24 yuan. 9, double-sided gum hook and loop son both male and female Velcro price: 9. 9 yuan. Back glue Velcro prices above all is the small make up today to introduce the content of the back glue Velcro all content, which includes the back glue Velcro price, selling shops and so on. This special viscous products, can stick almost all of the products. For we want to use in the life the use of viscous articles for daily use, is appropriate choice! If you are the back glue Velcro reader friend demanders, then you must look at more details of the above introduction!
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