In xinjiang, the 130 - year - old old man examined without 'three highs' favorite called naan corn

by:BAILI     2020-10-20
Title: the 130 - year - old old man in xinjiang through inspection without 'three highs' favorite corn called naan addition to kashgar, oct 21 (Reuters) - Reporter Zhu Jing dynasty) This year, from the hospital inspection, the 130 - year - old world's oldest old man beautiful m Abraham ・ color depending on the way, there is no 'three highs', is in good health. Township library muxi rick lived village cadres tursun ・ I suer built on a mobile phone to the old man just statue, she is very happy, joked, 'I'm not that black'. Zhu Jing toward xinjiang kashgar region taken shule county library muxi rick township village elder brother take my Iraq people beautiful metre Abraham ・ color according to the lift was born on June 25, 1886, The qing dynasty emperor guangxu 12 years) This year, the age of 130. A week in their own homes she accept the doctor's regular inspection, her blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar is normal. Tursun ・ I suer that they almost every day to the old man, old man, like to like to chat, talk about her past life, and now, chat when I was singing happily. Reporter witnessed on the day of the old man's act: she picked up her wand as a musical instrument playing, singing loudly. Litip tohti ・ guli said the old man was singing love songs. The old man lives shule county library muxi rick township village elder brother take my Iraq. Zhu Jing dynasty was taken on August 26, 2013, beautiful metre Abraham ・ color carry flag according to mention world records certified as the world's oldest man and the world's oldest women, and issued the certificate of two world records.
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