Injection hook back glue Velcro type is introduced

by:BAILI     2020-10-13
Injection hook back glue hook and loop is composed of polymer and nylon material injection molding, the surface is soft. With all kinds of soft material is ultra-thin, fastening fabric is especially fastening cloth used hook and loop series of high-end products, there are two transparent and opaque materials. Hook shot is also a kind of accessories for garment production, the same effect with fastening belt, injection hook Velcro is more, the kinds of different types have different characteristics, let below small make up to you to introduce some classification about injection hook back glue hook and loop! ! ! ! Features: with special thread gluing. Can be used with all kinds of fastening soft surface matching. 1) There are three kinds of different shape of the hook type 2) The appearance of the hook type and highly consistent 3) The height of the hook type affect the strength of different adhesive force. And the use of number 4) The density of hook type: 60 ! 100个。 Injection is 2 # injection injection hook hook, 3 #, 4 # injection hook, hook shot and so on model for diapers, and they are all have their characteristics. A, 2 # injection hook back glue Velcro: department of ultra-thin injection clasps per 1 square containing 900 cigarettes, feel soft, use and submissive, but weaker, suit to install 鉓 used parts. 2, 3 # injection hook back glue Velcro: 50% of the upper and lower stripping force is a regular stick cingulate, using 3000 recessions rate over 30%, apply light exercise the use of products. 3, 4 # injection hook back glue Velcro: hook type thick strong, super peel strength and transverse tensile, more suitable for functional products.
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