Injection hook Velcro environmental protection product

by:BAILI     2020-09-06
As we all know, the products are now want to pay attention to the green environmental protection, inspection. Velcro, of course, the same as other products, but also belongs to the environmental protection product. But there are still a lot of people will have some question, why are we so sure injection hook Velcro is environmental protection product? For you better understand our products of environmental protection and eligibility, textile made some little investigation. Textile in the process of production of Velcro, first of all, we didn't use any substance harmful to the environment, because at the time of decision material, we choose the Velcro material is the main material of nylon, polyester as the Velcro, and proved that two kind of material is without any toxins. So, it will not have any impact on the environment. That is to say, our products are accord with the requirement of green environmental protection. In addition to belong to environmental protection products, it also belongs to the economic energy-saving products. How to understand this sentence? As long as we in the use of hook and loop, proper maintenance of Velcro, can increase the service life of Velcro, of course, in addition to maintain the correct hook and loop, at the time of use, as long as you don't touch the Velcro hook and the performance of the MAO, Velcro used real time for years. For more information please pay attention to the company's official website:
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