Injection hook Velcro hair good-looking

by:BAILI     2020-10-03
Injection hook hook and loop hair ribbon, commonly known as Velcro hair, skin, if more attention, look at the barbershop, what are you doing the take-up of cent in fixed the wave shape of the hair, hair will be in that a hook don't roll, roll on your hair. This thing is the hair band, roll out of the hair is very beautiful, can repeat repeated use. Injection with hook hook and loop hair, special weaving, cutting tick bite bending is strong, delicate appearance, hook is, fine not sticky hair, easy from the hair off, breathable tape at the bottom of the base; The primary material: Taiwan nylon yarn. Article points according to customer requirement, back glue, die cutting, stamping, screen printing, pressure character, sewing, laminating, such as high frequency, ultrasonic processing into various intrusive, shape, and pictures. After the first use, wash hair, with hair roll coil, after being dry hair removed from the ground up, again hair shape of the waves. Injection with product use hook Velcro hair, packaging supplies, hair accessories for women or make-up on the hair to wash a face, will be posted on the front clear sea, broken hair, don't let a hair short wet, can use when the hairpin or used for curly hair, and so on.
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