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by:BAILI     2020-10-03
Velcro manufacturer specializing in the production of various specifications of injection hook hook and loop material: 100% nylon, delivery time: 3 - 5 days, specifications: 10 - 200 mm injection hook Velcro features and use: features: is composed of polymer and nylon material injection molding, surface is soft. Material is ultra-thin, can be used with all kinds of fastening soft materials. Is a hook and loop series of high-end products, has bright and not lit two kinds of materials. According to hook type will be divided into 2 fine, fine ShuangGou 3, 4, coarse hook reverse half 5 hooks four varieties. The difference is that, 1) The height of the hook type performance of pulling and use different number; ( 2) Check the density of the different type, 60 100 pieces per square centimeter. Use: this product is widely used in apparel, handbags, children's products, medical products, mill, toys, sporting goods, etc. , has a characteristic is the biggest thin a hook. Injection hook Velcro this product pull superior, not hand, not easy to take off the hook, put neat, beautiful appearance and the use, suitable for all kinds of outdoor products, metal material and plastic products, can be useful to reduce the wear out of the outer. Injection/plastic hook ( 简单的磁带) hook and loop ( Plastic thin hook hook surface 1, 2 thick, 3 positive half hooks, 4 reverse a curved hook) Raw materials used for the product and the dye choose international ( The eu specifications) Recognition, low toxicity, environmental protection Do not contain six toxic nature) ( Do not contain AZO) Specifications, and the state line take supervision inspection to the similar product and optimal level, reusable, needed to develop new product for the customer, and can according to customer requirements packaging. Suitable for: diapers, medical products, mill, toys, sporting goods, etc
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