Injection hook Velcro production skills

by:BAILI     2020-09-03
Velcro in the industry also known as AB face, magic, magic tape, etc. , is generally has two sides, one side is a hook shape, another side is downy, the two sides if stick together can produce viscous force each other, both sides opened the separation, so the magic stick has been widely used in usual life. Injection of the hook Velcro in the production of what? Such as voltage Velcro, we must make clear its main process, including material, process, production environment and then to production. A raw material, will produce the hook and loop, general raw material is nylon yarn by weaving, with loom raw materials into a certain shape. Second, through the high temperature, then the shape with a device for certain operations such as dyeing, can according to demand to develop into different shapes. Third, after dyeing, again through operation equipment, and the shape of the dyeing in the suede curly craft processing. Four, in voltage magic hook surface sizing, through the processing after finalize the design, through the hook machine, cutting for Velcro appropriate to the current state of nylon monofilament cut processing, thus forming the voltage of Velcro is sticky. Fifth, through equipment, various width size by the voltage Velcro for processing. Six, for finished product voltage Velcro, corresponding glue on both sides, then to finalize the design according to user needs processing. More information please focus on the web site:
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