Injection hook Velcro, receive more convenient

by:BAILI     2020-10-03
A new semester is about to begin. The students are going to end the happy summer vacation to meet the arrival of the new term. Also started the preparatory work. On some essentials when very hot. Students and parents in the bookstore in selecting the corresponding learning materials, stationery shops in all kinds of stationery to let a person see more dazzling, single pen have varied. Have some receive information of the bag, some of them are with zipper, some of them are plastic buttons, and much more money now with injection hook Velcro. With glue on the back of this injection hook hook and loop, manufacturers in the production of a tear from type paper stick to, now the artificial high can save save cost, so it will be cheaper, when using a pull open a post shu is very convenient. With the major task - of the book - - Bag, bag exquisite lighter itself, grid more, even back support, now some bag with a few small details in change, because the book put in if discontent will stagger, so some businesses will add a injection hook Velcro, can hold the book for the whole bag looks clean and tidy. Prepare finished learning supplies, for daily necessities, clothing. Speaking of which, by the way now injection hook hook and loop can receive or classified some books, pens and other plays a big role, can be used repeatedly, still can match with color, marker pen can write want to indicate on the tape.
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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