Intended application back glue Velcro manufacturing anti-mosquito screens

by:BAILI     2020-11-09

back glue hook and loop is in a traditional hook and loop ( Dust coat cuffs with a wall is a hook, a wall is MAO, glue influence. Shoes fastening belt) A layer of self-adhesive back processing on the basis of water, can literally put on the outside of the plastic, metal outside, timber, electronic products such as the outside, the cementation sex is extremely strong. Widely used in household, paper, stationery, electronics, bags and other industries.

this day we speak is intended application back glue Velcro to manufacture anti-mosquito screens; Today there are mainly two ways, one kind is sewing, as ordinary sewing machine can sew, and the obvious for some people, not one is with lamination wool top stick gauze on the galley, reoccupy staple reinforcement, but the presence of sticky rickety and the limitations of indecent. The next way way through the process of gum hook and loop to create is absolutely a brief, everyone can be made according to the anti-mosquito screens;

1, choose hair hook back glue Velcro on both sides, the length of wool top is more than the length of the hook article a doubly 5 cm;

2, article to gum paste on window frame around, according to the tight and with window frame of cement, manipulating need before the window frame to wipe clean;

3, cut out is hooked a doubly 5 cm of height frame lamination wool top two, article to the hook on the high side, the galley feet high and low side and strange hook on the high and low hook noodles;

4, tear tape wool top above the back stick the screen on the edge, and then in order to net glued to the back glue on top, the end sticking to the bottom, cut off excess gauze, yarn and cut net than edge indented 2 - the best network More than 3 mm, not what differences just do as window screens, even without the feet;

5, the key point: the window of the edge of the projects of gum wool top fold, in the turns into a trick with a width of the circular tube, then the wool top facing out MAO, gum facing gauze paste in the yarn online, and then set foot high and low side back glue fibers such as the method of paste in the yarn online;

6, a slip between the cup and the lip! Don't forget the small buckle with good thing around the screen window, cement, also don't hurry to use, glue is not dry enough, go easy.

7, with one hand! For growth regards and fastness, initiative in the four corners with four black and white snap fastener, do so in the magic window again.

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