'Internet +' effect on the Velcro industry

by:BAILI     2020-09-30
Cheng said, 'Internet +' to the traditional Velcro industry development has brought new ideas. Long as labor intensive and capital intensive industry, the traditional clothing production level is low, serious product homogeneity and high brand awareness is not a series of problems, unable to satisfy consumers to fashion, tide, quality and customized demands. With the emergence of intelligent manufacturing, comprehensive docking consumers become a possibility, it also makes the domestic Internet hook and loop transformation is imperative. Characteristics and limitations of domestic hook and loop industry so far, the hook and loop industry in our country is still relatively traditional industry. Industry in 2014, according to the size of the market has more than 2 trillion. Line 420 billion, accounted for 19%, year-on-year growth of 41. 48%. Traditional garment industry production level is low, less well-known brands, high-end brands less. Velcro industry, traditional Velcro industry belongs to the labor-intensive and capital-intensive industries, industry concentration is not high, vicious competition, market competition is not ordering, etc. At the same time, the lack of the ability of original design and trend prediction, serious product homogeneity. From the production and sales, supply chain production level and retail terminal management level is low. To break the dilemma, fabric innovation launched its own enterprise website, breakthrough the limitation, industry and realize the offline synchronization sale product line. Velcro industry hold 'Internet +' skirts consumer is becoming more and more high to the requirement of Velcro. Not content to simply, the demands of the fashion, the trend, and more and more high quality requirements. Domestic Velcro and niche brand designer brand gradually rise, brand and market segmentation era. In the long term, Velcro industry innovation should be based on user experience, the drainage to offline, online can also be online and offline drainage to gradually form a closed loop. In addition, the use of the Internet and large data instead of the traditional closed system, comprehensive consumer demand docking, break the traditional thinking of manufacturing. Textiles mentioned in said: 'the personalized customization is an important trend of' Internet + '. Now the Internet makes communication easier, can also be efficient and personalized production demand. ”
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