Introduce magic window installation method

by:BAILI     2020-09-27
Introduce magic window installation method also called sticky strap, is a common connection accessories on the clothes, it is widely used in luxurious wooden door, aluminum door, steel door, plastic door and so on the door! In the hot summer season, the mosquito also came out, the magic window has obvious effect on the mosquito, it's difficulty is the fixed screens on the magic of the burrs, sewing and there's a back glue is a kind of wool top stick gauze on the galley, consolidated with staples. Here is introduce magic window installation method: 1, the first stick the hook and loop hook face on the screen, on the border of measuring the length of each frame, and then cut good; 2, Velcro hook surface on the border, slowly stick straight as far as possible, avoid after close leaning difficult adjustment; 3, can stick side fixed good, quantity of good length in the clipping, must press a tight slowly stronger; 4, the hook and loop gauze net cut to appropriate size, measuring need yarn net size of the area according to the target window or door frame size; 5, post hair side of Velcro on the edge of the gauze of four; 6, if feel gauze the poster is not too strong, so directly to magic posted a circle with a stapler nails, however, when using the sea back glue hook and loop is super glue, generally will not fall off easily; 7, the ready yarn network joint on the window frame, rough and hook face and tidy; 8, complete Velcro screens; Finally, screen window is installed, we can close look at the effect of free cutting gauze, if there are some bad edge burr affect beautiful, we can put it on their own cut qi; If some gum magic with spare parts, we can cut it.
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