Is to bind to modern

by:BAILI     2020-11-15

in 2015, is the endless wind in the 1970 s, wide-legged pants have already been said for months, suede and ultimately no widespread popular, so fashionable circle said again: you are still in the tie clasp zipper clothes OUT, the wind in the 70 s is to bind to modern, bind the Roman shoes also come back! In this era of hippies, punk rock like crazy, and full of sex and feral bind belt has become the indispensable element. Restoring ancient ways with a skirt interpretation bind the feelings restoring ancient ways is in fashion, this year, the designers fully immersed in the 1970 s. That s with hippies flavor element is excavated, in which nature cannot little crazy with bind the details. Draw string weaving in perforation, back and forth to form a grid, make every inch of 'desire'. Wild with original feeling tied design in this season has appeared on the show, it seems to be fulfilled people love of bondage is derived from the pursuit of a kind of nature. Designers are always like a magician, transform in life a little inspiration ChengXinJi trend to watch. Conjoined with bound of bright color belt, become the garment chic alternative; On the neckline is hollow-out the bind of trajectory, which make it look sexy matchless; Even adjust the proportions of belt is replaced by a more root bind. Bind this season, the design is fun, because front so fashionable. Chest bind belt of the jacket to a woman's chest as the biggest temptation, make a flashpoint countless pairs of eyes, I'm afraid no one able to withstand the shattered glass so the temptation. Cowboy strap if will bind element added to the restoring ancient ways, you'll be playing with the wind restoring ancient ways, the glance tannins and punk collision seems to also say the girl's mind, let the person you want to get to know you better. Bind the Roman shoes back 2015 most tide is bind Roman shoes shoes, with a pair of fashionable throughout the summer, 'do you know? 'Temperature is higher and higher, some people have ancestors mood. according change into early summer season. In this season of tide shoes, restore ancient ways bind Roman shoes after a few years ago after the big heat, once again become a fashionable personage good minds. Long strap can not only modify charming ankle, can also shape the slender legs, let you elegant to the toes. Bind the Roman shoes in this year, however, there are also a lot of changes, not just flat, high heels is more beautiful. A lot of people said: 'don't wear high heels women have no future, wear the high-heeled shoes of women sexy and cute'. Indeed, high heels for women is like a 'poison', knowingly put on a lot of pain, but I also want to 'pain and beauty'. 2015 chun xia, high-heeled shoes are shoes designers 'play' a new pattern - Into the sexy bind element. Slim belt in photograph echo, or rule or casually wrapped around the ankle, the outline of the sexy side of woman, not only the feeling of too much a few minutes handsome. If you want to invest in a pair of high heels this season, the bind element must be the best choice, tie-in dress all show elegance, tie-in pants outfit fashionable interesting

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