Just to let you choose a magic stick, which model will you choose?

by:BAILI     2020-09-03
With the constant improvement of the level of economic life, the rapid development of science and technology, closely related to electronic technology products, the application of the Velcro is electronic technology industry, one of the hook and loop related products are research and development design, and put into use in mass production. Velcro: is a kind of connection accessories bags commonly used clothing, male and female both sides, one side is a small soft fiber, the other side is harder hooked, stick together to produce natural moisture, double-sided adhesive can be used repeatedly up to more than 10000 times. In our daily life, the hook and loop is also often used, Velcro material can be divided into 100% nylon, polyester, blended ( 70% nylon + 30% polyester) , the specification is usually 10 mm - 180 mm, color variety, can be customized. Velcro is one of the most common shackle fasteners, since 1948, and even today on the length and the color has a variety of species, has been in use, its characteristic is light weight, easy to wash and durable, versatility, ease of use, tightness, it has a wide range of benefits and USES. If let you choose a hook and loop, which model will you choose? Back glue Velcro back glue Velcro is made of nylon Velcro on the back of the high-temperature coated with a layer of special since the glue water into the product when using force will be sticky material of gum and pressing need to easily solve the back Velcro, the debonding of the paper can be pasted on each type of smooth clean object. Norms diversity, can be washed, sectional cutting, is characterized by high temperature resistant, low resistance to cold, often used in electronic science and technology products, shoes and hats, home textiles, toys, sports equipment, hardware, plastic, etc. Velcro cable tie Velcro cable tie, cable ties, with the ordinary with difference, ordinary cable tie, design check out function, only the more tight, and Velcro cable tie a Velcro production principle, is a kind of link accessories male female two sides, one side is a small soft fiber, the other side is harder like xiaomao catch, suddenly fit together, specifications are: 20, 20 * 180 mm * 150 mm, etc.
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