Just two dollars for the magic stick glue away from you

by:BAILI     2020-10-27
Velcro everyone know what items, today small to introduce you to everyone in the use of time there may be some issues which make people upset, such as businesses use glue is stronger glue, use the process of China accidentally stick glue to leak to other places, there is also a situation is to use Velcro life is about to expire, where the glue hook and loop will left a yellow glue mark on the wall, hindering our line of sight, but also very focused on affect our aesthetic view, believes that many people will think a lot of kinds of ways because of the yellow glue to remove it, these problems should not be a housewife, here small make up to share some simple way to get rid of the hook and loop glue method. Remove the magic stick glue method have five, actually remove the magic stick glue items are some of them are our own family there is something that can remove the glue, some is going to paint shop, department stores can be bought, small make up also not the suspense, the following one by one to you. Hand cream. That is the small make up what we own home to some of the things is the hand cream, in the life of common hand cream can also be used to remove residual glue. Hand cream main ingredient is oil, and the thermal glue can't miscibility, stripping principle and the above several different here. But operating methods are similar, just hand cream to remove the slowly, but more commonly used, suitable for household use. With lacquer thinner, banana oil is a kind of common remove paint paint shop industrial additives. Cheap, it is easy to find. General paint shop has to sell. With nail polish remover, wash armour water the combination of some organic solvents is the main ingredient. It is very easy usage. Can apply directly, also can be in the back glue Velcro didn't off the nail polish remover gently daub directly when I was at the site of the magic stick glue, glue, such as almost dissolved to peel it, when it will not be leaving traces of residue glue on the metope of smooth. Commonly used in the home with alcohol, ethyl alcohol or medical alcohol, industrial alcohol, method is simple, apply a small amount of alcohol a paper towel on the back glue Velcro residue glue, rub a few times. Not only that, the commonly used alcohol in the home also can remove glue the rest of life. With acetone. Chemical classification is generally belongs to the thermal glue glue, can rub a small amount of acetone with a paper towel on the marks on the wall, easy to rub off a few times. Dosage is seldom can play a role, it works very fast, this is due to the principle of similar miscibility. But the acetone belong to chemicals, sometimes it is not easy to buy. Small make up to share the above five kinds of methods, their own home can meet this kind of situation to try again, also want to learn more Velcro advisory welcome to inquire.
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