Let me tell you 3 m double-sided adhesive to use?

by:BAILI     2020-11-11
Let me tell you 3 m double-sided adhesive to use? 1, strong adhesive whether ( Repeatable) Or ( Structure reinforcement). Functions such as selection, glue on the stress distribution more evenly, can eliminate mechanical fixation stable adhesion performance under pressure. 2, hidden the joint effect of using tape assembly can keep the surface clean and smooth, provides the designer a broad play space. 3, reduce cost and improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process you can simplify or alternative manufacturing process of riveting, welding, surface treatment and cleaning steps again, and easy to use with his hands. 3 m automatic back glue system can help to achieve the target of high yield. 4, bonding, sealing, and fill the gap synchronization is complete different thickness choice, you can easily complete the bonding, sealing, at the same time fill the gap. 5, vibration damping and sound-absorbing effect of 3 m viscoelastic damping polymer ( 粘弹性阻尼聚合物) Can help you achieve those results. 6, adhesion strong industrial fastener products in meet the demand of repeatable fastening and high viscosity, a full range of rapid industrial fasteners (3 m Hook surface, wool surface) And snap button ( The mushroom head) Product can be used in a variety of different surface, and there are different levels of peel strength for choice. 7, conductive, electric heating on the need of thermally conductive precision assembly, 3 m conductive, thermal conductive adhesive series products provide you more design and application.
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