Let the back adhesive belt 'smooth as a mirror'

by:BAILI     2020-11-12
Let the back adhesive belt 'smooth as a mirror' the secret of a few days ago to visit a fastening with the customer, customer mentioned in the process of communication, a lot of good back rubber products ( Fastening belt) , we see 'smooth as a mirror', see will find rubber inside there will be a few small bubbles, or rubber surface sag, is like a girl - — See some far see a flower, near potholes, aesthetic feeling is in effect. Actually appear the above situation, several basic factors: the first is equipment, fastening tape gluing equipment on the market at present is divided into mouth die and roller, roller coating glue to bubbles air into the glue tank, although the bubbles on the blade coating shear can be run over and break, but high viscosity glue bubbles could run over and break, was coated on the ribbon to produce tiny air bubbles, so roller way to gradually withdraw from the market. Secondly the ribbon ( Base material) , known as the ribbon is made of nylon or polyester thread and other textile, so if the ribbon ribbon quality closes nevertheless, leading to osteoporosis, at the time of glue adhesive flow to these small hole crater will appear the same collapse; And ribbon in the back glue, if be affected with damp be affected with damp due to the high temperature job release water vapor which can lead to produce small air bubbles between hot melt adhesive and straps, affect the ribbon bonding effect. Finally from the point of hot melt adhesive to choose, if the equipment used is the roller coating way, in the choice of adhesive in does not affect the performance of the above cases, should choose the product viscosity is relatively lower, at the same time, hot melt adhesive products to be stored in a dry ventilated place. As long as to master the above tips, I think you can make a smooth as a mirror of back adhesive cingulate, win more and more customers!
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