Love skiing friend, you choose and buy the Velcro?

by:BAILI     2020-10-22
Item description: ski Velcro strap material: nylon, blended yarn, polyester, EVA specifications: 50 * 500 mm straps 1. 2 meters. Whether the different custom size. Color: many colors, but according to the requirements of the guests. USES: can be used for foot binding when skiing, protect the leg, it's simple and convenient to use personalized, meet the demand of modern aesthetic! Can be printed on ski strap on the company LOGO, corporate image promotion. Usage: usually a pair of skis with two bandages, head used on board, one in the middle of the holder; Will bind the middle white rubber pads sandwiched in between two boards, clamping board, tighten hook and loop stick it tightly. Environmental protection degree: using high quality imported raw materials manufacturing, environmental non-toxic, is favored by domestic and foreign markets in recent years a new Velcro products, one of the ski with Velcro type enclosed environmental non-toxic EVA. Features: 1. Reusable and durable, the most suitable for demolition, combined with the highest frequency. 2. Light and soft, both elastic and bending can be arbitrary. 3. Fastening position can be arbitrary change, easy to adjust the length. 4. Any length, shape, can cut, can use suture, paste or high frequency fusion methods such as fixed on the use of artifacts, suitable for all kinds of industry needs. New ski ski set of shenzhen Velcro strap color elegant color and diverse styles, is specializing in the production of stickers, stick one of the strap in the back glue Velcro, baby hook and loop, cargo lashing with Velcro, Velcro cable tie, back to back hook and loop, elastic don't grab the hook and loop products such as professional production processing company, with complete and scientific quality management system.
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