Magic combination of leds textile enhance the security of walking at night

by:BAILI     2020-11-15

it is understood that in the intellectual property office 26 invention and creation award and display activities, a combination of leds textiles 'linear light textile' won the award for the gold medal. This magical 'linear light textile' can improve the safety of the people walking in the night. Developers Shen Gan dragon said the luminescence properties of fabrics can be made into hats, bags or clothing, this can improve the safety of the people walking in the night, there are multinational used in military command purposes. LED textiles to reassure pedestrians night go would you like to try? Won the gold medal in the invention and creation of the invention, in addition to solve the problem of incinerator processing odor emission peak regenerative burner exhaust switching of the purification plant, and is expected to solve the world's 200 million people suffering from hepatitis C small molecule inhibitors of the preserved amino acid derivatives, the combination of leds and textiles with linear light textile also become a focus of attention. The textile is designed for pedestrians walking at night security improvements. Developers Shen Gan dragon pointed out that although foreign early have embedding leds clothing idea, but this kind of light textile is the world's first 'textile' Angle, in combination with the domestic advanced LED industry advantage, the research and development of cutting-edge products. And whether it is in the night walking, jogging, or military command and service are very suitable for execution. This can be used in knitting, sewing and embroidery fabrics, its soft, waterproof and 360 - degree luminescence features, will be widely used in security warning and medical care. Shen Gan dragon said, 1600 manufacturers at home and abroad, and in the 'hundreds of meters' as production units, monthly production of up to 300 kilometers, improved the traditional textile industry added value. Shen Gan dragon said, vendors can according to demand design charging, fill in the battery, such as different ways of power supply, when power full range for eight hours. Shen Gan dragon said at the same time, this kind of textile material can be widely used in hats, bags and coats, compared to traditional reflective vest, armbands, the characteristics of light weight, a integrated the textiles, also let the wearer's body not more than the weight of the burden. And now includes all countries in Europe, Singapore and Australia have been introduced, and the practical application in the military command system. Although the current domestic by strict procurement regulations, but also could not be applied to military police command service, but it has designed a relevant vests, jackets, and other products.

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