Magic is not magic, but to his magic

by:BAILI     2020-10-17
hook and loop fixed, widely used in the work place life items can sewing, free cutting size design, processing and convenient quick and reliable. Suitable for thick or hard to sew fabrics, including most of the heat resistant fabric, such as cotton, blended yarn, polyester, wool, fur, canvas, denim, and nylon. Now used more and more widely, so we can not only see in some of the common industry, some special cases also see oh. Such as the following: 1, you know, the hook and loop in the direction of the parachute wings will use oh, usually there are two groups of Velcro fastening belt to fixed at both ends of the parachute wing side, when using a parachute, you can adjust the direction of the parachute wings posture to adjust direction of landing. 2, you used in the family life, are commonly used to household items, such as a wire or cable bundle. Can also be used for the remote control. Can also according to the size of it to adjust the length of the Velcro, anyhow is very convenient. 3, magic stick can also be used in the device, because of the viscous force of Velcro is very strong, so can be very strong to fix it. Whether it's with Velcro to the fixed position of the easy to see, or in the car when the navigator, is very convenient. 4, magic stick above can also be used in children's wear, generally adopting injection hook Velcro for infant clothing, because injection hook hook and loop can repeat paste quite a few times, and convenient, therefore, in children's wear Velcro used above can be dress become more simple, convenient for children, but also because of the magic stick good softness, scratch all won't appear the phenomenon of children. Small make up now want to introduce a person cranial head hook and loop, polyester cloth is used to hot pressure, make the skull, and then used for sewing a Velcro on military clothing. Color, shape, can be customized, shenzhen steady good textile co. , LTD is a specializing manufacturer of Velcro, can be processing, stamping, slitting machine, cutting, hot pressing, dyeing, etc. Now all the usefulness of Velcro is becoming more and more than before, such as the zipper and button Velcro agglutinant and service life, often as a result, use the effect is better, and more popular. Velcro magic word does not mean that it is used to perform magic tricks, but it's magic!
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