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by:BAILI     2020-09-02
Has the following several ways: 1, hard plastic hook Velcro stick too much sundry, can use the sharp objects such as toothpicks to clutter picked out. 2, use such as plywood, such as iron, stuck on heating is slightly. 3, the above soft sticky hair loss, sticky hair wear off, it will be modified, the method is very simple, I can't find clothes or other need not useful to the Velcro material, cut down, again in line with the awl or strong qualitative seam on the shoes. 4, if not to use Velcro in the home, you can go online or to sell lace band find small odds and ends at the store to buy two feet, sew home himself, save time and effort! More than 5, some really bad to make shoes, to repair the shoes of the old man to help you change a hook and loop with respect to OK, or to the tailor shop change a new sewn, also pretty cheap. 6, pay attention to the chosen when buying shoes that through the buckle folding back stick that is better don't buckle. - Velcro - magic tape tie
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