Material knowledge - - - The origin of the fastening belt

by:BAILI     2020-09-09
Material knowledge - - - The origin of the fastening belt strap/hook and loop is also called the ( 钩& 循环) , is a popular term for snap button. Learn from plant grass ball principle, one side with hook, For hardfacing) , one side for half a roll (fuzzy For the soft side) , both sides joint can gently powerful to buckle together, and into the open joint use repeatedly, suitable for electronic, household items, handicrafts, cars, planes, and so on. In the autumn of 1948, the Swiss engineer Georges DE Mestral ( 1908 - 1990). Go out hunting. At noon, he sat down on the grass for a picnic, a sense that something in the pad body hurt. He hastily stood up, turned out to be their sitting on burdock grass, with the burdock grass clothes and the hound. Back home, he took a long time do not in addition to the clothes and the hound of gooseberry. He is curious to, burdock fruit why have so big of adhesion? Under a microscope, he found that there are countless small hook on burdock fruit. He wants to, and if other burdock fruit structure than can be made into a kind of convenient and reliable fastener? Curiosity has inspired the creation of his desires, after half A year experiments, he finally created A new type of buckles, on A cloth woven with many crook, there are many small ball on B cloth woven, as long as the stick them gently to stick together. This is the weft gro '. 'Weft gro' soon be extended to all over the world, then to improve continuously. Its terms have become varied, basically has: 'Velcro fastening belt' AB 'pay-as-you-go' 'clasp' 'yao art posted' current Velcro has been pervasive went into our life. As long as careful observation will find you, now the clothes, shoes and computer bag everywhere can see the shadow of the Velcro. 'Are gradually replace the zipper was invented, buttons, zippers and buttons are now replaced by the Velcro. 'Magic stick has been widely applied to the shoes clothes, medical, electronic, aviation, military and other fields, market fast development, growth rapidly immeasurably. The first patent in 1951 and registered in Switzerland. After eight years of research, to realize the mass production of fastening belt. Today, fastening belt has become to one of the most important 50 inventions of the 20th century. About Velcro name all over the world for its name also is not the same, basically have the following: the name of the predominantly AB button: AB is given priority to with Velcro buckle: magic, magic buckle, it posts, with the devil, the devil felt, magic belt. Predominantly fastening belt: fastening belt, nylon fastening belt, male female strap, buckle, snap button, fastening, nylon strap, strap, Velcro, sticky strap, etc. ( Note: the above for the mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions of the hook and loop is mainly. ) Major foreign call methods: Velcro, VelcroTape, Fasten, FastenTape, Nylon Fasten Tape and Magic Tape, Hook 循环
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