Mushroom head Velcro, applicable to require less powerful fixed and remove applications

by:BAILI     2020-09-06
The mushroom head Velcro is suitable for the requirement of less powerful fixed and disassembled USES, such as curtain, electric tools, car interior trim and other components, such as the trunk lid, sports gear, grinding and polishing tools, as well as protective clothing products, etc. Hidden in the joint can be used in door, panels, signs, display board and many often need to remove the items. When the surface of the mushroom head shape, interlocking, the tensile strength to the mechanical fixation, can be repeated opening and closing more than hundreds of times. For your needs, can choose to have the back glue or no back glue Velcro series products. Back glue hook and loop series products can be used in panels, wood, glass, and many different kinds of plastic.
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