New invention: the magic stick to build high with dual shoes with flat sole

by:BAILI     2020-11-07

a lot of women like wearing high heels, but wear long high-heeled shoes, the feet were also a crime. At the same time, wear high-heeled shoes also not convenient driving. From chongqing industrial vocational and technical college, bass on the Internet to find information, using the professional knowledge, use the sole and heel material connections created a high-heeled dual-purpose shoes with flat sole. 'I through the modification of common back and forth on the market of shoes material, using the sole softness can keep high with peace at the end of conversion more natural. 'Rebekah said, material solves the shoes in the dual problem of easy deformation, the sole by hook and loop firmly stick to high heels. In addition to the strong hook and loop, rebekah also designed a groove in the sole, so card buckle can sole strong connection. He said: 'if you want to switch to flat, need to hold the card buckle down gently, can remove high heels. 'Rebekah said, their ideas are more pay attention to the comfort and convenience of shoes,' we also built the paragraphs in the summer and the four seasons of amphibious shoes, beautiful woman doesn't have to worry about later.

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