NIKE2018 new Velcro Air Max 270

by:BAILI     2020-10-10
Perhaps the hook and loop shoes in the market for several years, the special hot, in recent years shoe giant NIKE shoes, also seems to be particularly important more and more of the hook and loop style of shoes on the market. And according to the textile exclusive news, in 2018 the new Velcro Air Max 270 forthcoming. As the dominant shoe money of NIKE in 2018, the heat of the Air Max 270 natural to be reckoned with. And recently, ins exposure is a new shoe money custom design related to the 270 - — 耐克270蒸汽裂痕。 At present this pair of NIKE Vapor in Rift design a total of 270 dark green and white two color matching. With the name of the Air Max 270 approximation, design also has the same - — This pair of NIKE Vapor in Rift 270 degrees 270 followed by the same big air cushion design, at the same time the ball VaporMax air cushion design, so the sole is combined with the foot feels will fly? Shoes USES in the cylinder body, has the shadow of the Air Presto, moreover the instep with the Sock Dart design, by the net surface cloth material collocation, and pick up front and rear hook and loop design, highly functional. Can say more than a pair of shoes is a blend of NIKE shoes' characteristics, overall modelling is fairly new. Currently only for design, temporarily don't know whether will be on sale.
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