Nylon fastening belt matters needing attention

by:BAILI     2020-09-11
Nylon fastening with the matters needing attention are what are the precautions for nylon fastening belt? Although Velcro fastening belt is a kind of industrial products, is a kind of complementary makings, but in China, nylon fastening tape throughput can reach ten several million a year. After Ruth's major hook and loop in the market, the quality of the nylon fastening belt and use life also have differences. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal use of our nylon fastening tape, we need to know its matters needing attention. Nylon fastening belt is relatively good hook and loop fastening belt, general won't appear what problem for you to use. Nylon fastening belt is very widely used, was used on the large companies, and are mostly as a supplementary material to use. There are a lot of products are can often see the Velcro, double-sided use is widespread. Nylon fastening belt note: when using the nylon fastening belt, can not be soaked in water for a long time, and try to avoid the dust more local. Don't close to the local high temperature may be open, because the Velcro is a kind of woven nylon fiber. Admittedly, resistance to high temperature, but it has a strong shorten, easily the shape of the city, long this is unmatched by other materials. Use time long, want to often take the dust inside the liquidation is clean, otherwise, will form the nylon hooklike easy ageing. Tear the descended fall. Will directly affect the use of nylon fastening belt life.
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