Of the three categories of ribbon technology

by:BAILI     2020-11-13

with all sorts of yarn as raw material to made as narrow fabric or tubular fabric. With fabric variety, widely used in clothing, industry, agriculture, military, transportation and so on various industry sectors. 30 s, the ribbon is manual mill production, raw materials for cotton, hemp fiber. Gradual development after the founding of new China, the ribbon with raw material to the nylon, whalen, polyester, polypropylene fiber, spandex, viscose, etc. , to form three categories of weaving, knitting, knitting technology, has tabby, twill, satin, jacquard fabric structure, double, multilayer, tubular and joint tissue. A, woven ( Woven) Warp/weft weaving. And twist yarn through warping into bobbin ( Pan head) , weft pirn, ribbon on the loom. In the 30 s, for the hand wooden looms, iron wood loom weaving. Early '60 s to 1511 loom converted into inkle loom, is still widely used. Due to the band width is small, weaving way is different, with a single, double, dozens of range, with single and double. In 1967, industry to workers as the main body of shuttleless weaving research team, successfully designed and produced by high speed, of a single needle loom achieve ribbon without shuttle, and the process shortened, cover an area of an area small, labor productivity, is ribbon technology innovation in the history of China. In the 70 s, due to the continuous dyeing finishing machine tape, color tape processing, by the traditional process, the dyed before weaving to weave before dyeing, weaving before bleaching, whole very hot continuous post-processing, ribbon technology into mechanized production line. In the early 80 s, industry the introduction of Switzerland, Italy, the federal republic of Germany, of high speed needle loom finishing machine, wire wrapping machine, warping machine, ribbon technology into a new stage of development. Ribbon the progress of technology, product upgrading. In 1979, the domestic first generation sd9 - 9 type rubber tape pilot run successfully, make the rubber end of the spindle tape products rely on imports of history. In 1980, developed the sd - again 81 a and b type rubber tape, with a soft, light and thin, firm, small elongation, impact force is small, the characteristics of the joint short and smooth. In early 1990, successfully trial-produced used for santana car seat belt. Again after more than two years to carry out research, organize trial production, product quality reach qc49 - And tl - 92 Vw470 standards. Second, the weaving ( Spindle woven) Yarn meridian tube, the winding formation parallel tube, plug in knitting machine stationary seat, weft tube along the figure 8 rotary movement orbit, cross each other with traction yarn weaving. Usually the even number of ingot, woven tape for tubular, spindle number is odd, woven tape for flat sheet. Ingot has applied in the weaving process, spindle number because of its different equipment, generally for 9 ~ 100 ingot, weave the basic process is: the dye - Quilling - Weaving - A machine cut open - The packing. Beginning in 1960, many technological reform of braiding machine, main amplifier, a peach plate diameter installation is broken rubber automatic stop device, spindle iron ingot to nylon. These devices improved to speed up to 160 ~ 190 RPM, stand rate doubled, product quality is greatly improved. Weave not only can the ribbon, woven rope. Tubular belt is a kind of woven rope, 1 ~ 4 cm in diameter of string or rope line, also known as the larger than 4 cm in diameter rope, diameter greater than 40 centimeters commonly called a cable or rope. In 1989, the industry from Japan stereotype cable production line equipment, in the next year to produce polypropylene rope, for public products won the state silver medal. Three, knitting in the 70 s, the knitting warp knitting, weft knitting technology, has been widely used in the ribbon. In 1973, successfully trial-produced tight knit nylon wide band. In 1982, began to introduce Italy crochet machine, advanced technology, products, especially for thin decoration class with fabric, such as lace, elastic, wire netting, decoration, etc. Basic process is: the dye - Winding - Weaving - The hot - The packing. The 70 s, the fire hose tube billet with flat loom weaving, deformation of large pipe diameter size, lower productivity. In the second half of 1974, the industry organization tube billet weaving development team, according to the principle of knitting, with warp/weft woven, rely on knitting yarn in the knitting process, using cylindrical arc and subsidence of knitting yarn, will not be mixed of warp and weft yarn into a whole, and become a line by line knitting tubular knitted fabric, plastic coated products outlet pipe and high-pressure fire hose production technology level in the country.

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