On the back glue Velcro you noticed

by:BAILI     2020-10-16
Most people only know the back glue Velcro is one of the textile accessories, as long as is commonly used in shoes and clothes to stick to the everyone understand. But there are other USES oh, for instance, the purpose is in the car a lot! On the car, the car back more than magic with glue, such as back glue Velcro in the trunk of the car a net to receive bag storage network car implants, sometimes things on the car at sixes and sevens, looking at is also very upset, at this point, the screw Velcro in the car with a net, in this way, trunk can placed more items. Car floor mat, is indispensable in daily use articles, but is often the most easily ignored by our products. , of automobile is the main function of preventing the wear of vehicle interiors, can effectively prevent the rain, snow, sand and dust dirty interiors, but also have sound insulation function. Generally the car, if the vehicle floor has not been equipped with a fixed bolt device, can choose when buying is equipped with a hook and loop floor MATS, just put the Velcro when installation can stick to the car floor, effect and the fixed bolt is the same. Car light barrier, in the sunlight or lamplight point-blank on the instrument, instrument desk glossy reflections of the reflection, form the blind spot, this is very dangerous for driving, to prevent avoid light barrier would drop, can use glue hook and loop back to stick. Back is also can be used in interior furnishing articles 3 m glue Velcro to hold, such as: vehicle traveling data recorder, furnishing articles, perfume, MATS, cushion and other goods. At this point, the 3 m double glue and opposite of stationery tape, 3 m glue in order to more humanized design, when the sticker new viscosity is not very strong, in order to facilitate everybody in the wrong position can be changed, adhesive tape on the adhesive has better effect to 24 hours, the longer stick, viscosity, the better. Actually vehicle Velcro or a lot of, the use of well-known? Double-sided adhesive hook and loop back the characteristics of waterproof, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, good break in the curved surface, a lot of places can use it, simple and easy to use, such as: car decorations, before edging, after molding, threshold, guard board, stainless steel tank cover, pedal, door handle, round arc and flow, retaining plate brake lights, Angle of a collision, bumper crash plate, aluminum plate, signs, the jeep bumper skirt, automotive metal plaque, guide bar, sealing strip, interior panels, auto parts, fixed; Mirrors, sunny or rainy, block, various panels, roof assembly; All kinds of car/motorcycle nameplate marking written letter paste; Industrial logo, signs of aluminum alloy, PC, PP and ABS materials such as letters, Chinese characters, design of bonding fixed; Electronic signs, LED bonding fixed plate and sign frame; Panel, decoration, air conditioning equipment such as home appliances assembly, such as glass LED assembly fixed, the steel plate bonding, reinforcement glue, fixed glass and stainless steel fixed; Money tied to stick the mirror photo album props wall clock with billboards and so on. Is suitable for the material is also a variety of paste, such as paper, cloth, wood, sponge, taxus, glass, plastic, metal materials, plastic, many materials such as styrofoam. 。 。
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