On the stand or fall of Velcro from material to start or price first

by:BAILI     2020-10-23
As we all know the market all the products are designed for consumers, the main effect is convenient, improve our life, Velcro when designing should be from the perspective of consumers. When consumer is using Velcro, the most important is to focus on product quality, practicality, convenience, and the price, only after comprehensive consideration, and that products meet your demand, will make up his mind to buy. Want to improve market competitiveness, at the time of design, manufacturers should consider what customers need, how to meet customer demand, how to improve the products, let more customers with ease. 1, double check the density of MAO, we need to observe the rigidity of baseband, that is to say whether solidly Velcro weaving. 2, the material, the female face and the male density into degrees below also largely reflects the stand or fall of Velcro, in general, female face and the closer male face, is that the good performance of the hook and loop, is on the market. Velcro on the material composition of nylon brush with eyes nylon brush, nylon as well, using polyester process as well. 3, glue, nylon and polyester mix material performance is very good also, look at the single side adhesive synthesis, generally with comparison method, or use electronic measurement are compared; Again to see if double match closely, paying special attention to color fastness. Velcro material and classification has a few points, classification and material are also represent different USES, below small make up to you one by one analysis, discussion of Velcro material. A grade nylon material is very soft, commonly used for close-fitting clothes, but also can use on baby, won't cause skin damage. Polyester and nylon material is a combination of all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, nonflammable, very durable. Back glue Velcro polyester material is to use the material qualitative make it easy to burn, and can produce black smoke, was accompanied by a pungent taste, material is hard, and feels rough. Nylon material, it is not easy to burn, and very soft, Velcro is suitable for use on clothing, and is very environmentally friendly material. Don't catch hair material basically has not catch hair Velcro type, only the hair surface, hook with A grade nylon material use, usually used in relatively more intimate apparel. Velcro different material can be made into different Velcro, the different material, its usefulness and characteristics are also different, but all kinds of Velcro is accord with environmental protection standards, customers can choose according to their requirements of different types of Velcro. To say the hook and loop on the market now already's very widely used, also got more and more attention.
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