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by:BAILI     2020-10-27
Velcro believe everyone to the most familiar, is necessary in our life, of course, there are some contact or used Velcro they don't even know what this is called the magic stick, the magic with the abnormal convenient advantage, so in our life became necessary, whether it's the old man, children and adolescents to use hook and loop, now that the Velcro has became our articles for daily use, means we buy also gradually increase the number of Velcro, everybody to want to choose when buying Velcro quality good Velcro, below the premise that you need to know how the magic stick is production, as the saying goes, except the first kill the child, you want to know the product will need to know first so all of the production process, understand the advantages and disadvantages of products, have mastered these when buying Velcro can easily to buy a magic stick, below small make up for everyone to share the hook and loop glue industry, here small make up more verbose under a few words of a small make up things to share to remove the magic stick glue. Is a kind of dangerous goods, but the cost is very low, and the stripping have good color fastness and gluing every 60 minutes to 40 y y speed, temperature 150 '( 2 - 5-170 ℃, bake 7 minutes, that is, complete. Velcro adhesive technology ( 1) Velcro tension adjustment. ( 2) Blade Angle adjustment. ( 3) Avoid to take double impact quality, caused by defective rate. ( 4) Pay attention to the feed tank material without doing moderate supplement. ( 5) Avoid any tape has a crease. ( 6) Distinguish the color of the hook and loop by the shallow and deep, the gluing process. ( 7) Make sure the front side of ribbon distinguish stitched. Are short of a perfect product without any process to foil it, want to know something from you to understand all aspects of it, so as to have a problem to make corresponding measures, in return for its service life will be more durable.
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