Performance indicators and analysis of Velcro

by:BAILI     2020-10-07
You know has a very wide range of applications, it is also very convenient, but the various kinds of Velcro on the market price varies, after all, you get what you pay for good Velcro must be in higher prices, but there are a lot of customers spent a lot of money, but can not find a good place to buy the hook and loop. The following textile taught everyone the two performance parameters of hook and loop. What are the main classification Velcro, small make up together with you to get to know it! 1. Gum magic with ordinary hot melt glue, its melting point is point, suitable for low temperature environment and winter use, its adhesion, strong is more general. 2. Another is high temperature hot melt adhesive, high melting point, suitable for summer and some of the high temperature on the mechanical, stronger adhesion, adhesion after a strong and stronger. 3. Still have a kind of back glue product for 3 m, it is using 3 m adhesive product adhesive Velcro cutting into the corresponding specification on the back of the fiber material damaged in under the action of external force, the main and mushroom is fiber is pulled this way. There are a lot of said fiber tensile characteristics of indicators. Can be divided into tensile breaking point related indicators and indicators related to the tensile curve of two kinds big. A, related to the breaking point index breaking strength outside direct tensile breaking strength is fiber material amount of force required to rupture ( Fiber under the maximum force) 。 Tsuen development unit to cattle ( N) 。 Derivative unit is li cattle ( cN) , I ( mN) And thousands of cattle ( kN) And so on. To other strong lateral upper test instrument readings are strong. Such as single fiber and bundle fiber strength of stretching a fiber, respectively the force required to break a bundle of fiber. Strongly associated with the thickness of fiber. So the fibers of different thicknesses, strong lack of comparability. Two tensile strength units needed by the fineness of fiber strength is called intensity, the fiber tensile fracture properties of the index is used to compare different thickness. Fiber or better line thickness is not at the same time, its breaking strength is not the same. Reason for different thickness of fiber or yarn, breaking strength is not comparable. For comparison, breaking strength can be converted into rules when the degree of force. In intensity. Due to reduced the thickness of the standard are different. There are many kinds of the strength of the fiber material. , Velcro manufacturer around you, your side of the hook and loop expert, welcome to order, we can design samples for free. 15920637637 / Liang Sheng.
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