Personalized support back glue Velcro cable tie deep processing

by:BAILI     2020-09-15
Personalized back glue Velcro cable tie processing support in different industries, due to the different application areas and fields, for the back glue hook and loop cable tie the demand of the shape and size is also a distinct, in order to meet the personalized requirements using partner for this product, provide personalized processing business. In general, the size of the products of common is 25 meters per roll or 50 yards per volume, is hoping to get some partners section of products, and on the products printed on the LOGO of the enterprise, then will discuss with partners, develop personalized processing scheme, according to the requirements of customers for the product width and length as well as the back glue from type paper rules, depth of processing for the products. Finally provided to partner back glue hook and loop cable tie is the application of semi-finished products, only need glue on the partner's product, it's easier to use. Personalized processing, in today's era, it is especially welcome, as a company with 18 years experience in development and production of the enterprise, can easily work all kinds of deep processing, reliable production security.
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