Phenol class cause analysis to prevent yellowing measures

by:BAILI     2020-10-21
Phenol class cause analysis to prevent yellowing measures are: 1, avoid to use brown paper containing phenol antioxidant, brown card board, paper and plastic film packaging products; Based on 2, avoid to heat shrinkable plastic packaging; Provide good ventilation conditions; 3, storage 4, less north of phenol derivatives as additives; 5, avoid finishing product alkaline. In addition, the use of citric acid in acid after finishing, the fabric is also easy to yellow. Investigate its reason: citric acid in the dehydration anhydride formation, extremely easily when heated by citric acid on the structure of a hydroxyl group more than general multivariate acid and belongs to the hydroxy acid, anhydride is generated when heated baking dehydration. At the same time, the molecules of hydrogen from a hydroxyl and adjacent may also have heated and further off the influence of the external environment, produce unsaturated acid ( Three acrylic acid) And may have to take off the water and CO2 formation of itaconic acid. The unsaturated acid easy to make the cloth cover yellow, so it is best not to do with citric acid of white cloth.
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