PUR glue Velcro back mean?

by:BAILI     2020-10-05
What is the PUR, polyurethane ( PUR) Is made up of isocyanate and polyol reaction and made a with urethane segment repetitive structure unit of the polymer. PUR( 聚氨酯反应) , called the Chinese moisture curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive. PUR adhesive strength and toughness ( Elastic) Adjustable and has excellent bonding strength, temperature resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion resistance and the old adhesive heating melting into fluid, coated in glued base material surface, will be glued laminating, two bonding is formed after cooling, after the use of moisture in the air or glued trace moisture of base material and other active hydrogen compounds react with a NCO groups, chain extender, clinch a deal the network structure and polymer with high cohesion, further enhance stick relay. Pur glue is also belong to one of the hot melt adhesive, the conventional hot melt adhesive can reproduce after heat treatment after operation, pur ( 聚氨酯反应- - - - - - Pu) Glue is made up of rubber molecules react with air and water in the book core molecule, forming irreversible glue solidified structure, to form a more solid durable rubber cover. So pur glue Velcro back in resistance to high temperature and low temperature performance is very good, in the back glue Velcro industry more and more widely used. The most common type of PUR glue Velcro back to the back to back hook and loop, Velcro cable tie, round art tie, electronic cable tie belt and so on all is the use of PUR glue adhesive materials.
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