RegioTex initiative to promote European textile innovation

by:BAILI     2020-10-19
European garment and textile industry's competitiveness will be RegioTex inspired the conclusion of the initiative, the initiative will focus on the regional intellectual specialization strategy and better connections between innovation cluster. More than 100 participants from 23 19 eu countries regions, attended the sponsored by the regional committees, the future European textile and garment technology platform ( Textile ETP) And the European clothing and textiles association ( Euratex) Organizing and RegioTex activities held in Brussels. The initiative is aimed at strengthening regional textile innovation ability, and the area between the participants to establish effective cooperation with European peer-to-peer learning. In order to develop and implement strategies to promote and accelerate the revival of emerging industries in Europe traditional manufacturing, the initiative of the textile and garment industry stakeholders, provides research, science and technology and education, and public institutions are set up. As the 2014 - In 2020 the eu regional development and the combination of policy, European countries will gain 110 billion euros ( About $124. 3 billion) Used for regional specialization strategy (wisdom RIS3) Research and innovation of relevant activities. RegioTex initiative since 2015, when the middle preparatory stage, from Spain, France, Portugal, Romania and six European textile and garment industry countries such as Belgium driven forward. Another 10 countries will join Regio Tex members. 'Today's textile innovation from almost all industries and markets, and past performance is not good for textile and garment industry area, you can find many advanced fiber as base material, high-tech textile industry application examples of the manufacturing process or fashion creative inspiration', the Dutch Anna held in economic, education, and secretary of the European region Michiel Scheffer said. 'This innovation for many parts of textiles and wisdom specialization strategy links created enough opportunities, but also bring textile innovation interested party obligations, they must organize better, and clearly express their research potential and innovation from the local authority'. Euratex secretary Francesco Marchi added that following the financial and economic crisis in 2009, the European textile industry has been 'significant change and rise again. ' 'Industry between stable turnover fell from 1600 to 170 billion euros, you can see productivity and stable export growth outside Europe in 2015, over the years for the first time a small textile industry employment population growth, up to 1. 7 million people are now'.
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