Ribbon according to the characteristics of several classes

by:BAILI     2020-11-15

ribbon according to the characteristics of the main is divided into the following categories: 1, elastic: wire hook sideband/elastic/twill elastic drawstring elastic/towel/new door/indiana elastic/non-slip elastic/word jacquard elastic, rope type 2: round elastic rope, PP/needle, low stretch, acrylic, cotton, hemp, etc. 3, knitting belt, because of its special structure, is a horizontal ( D to) Elastic, mainly used for knitting with 4 piping, letters: polypropylene/letter words, letters, bilateral letters, the round rope etc. 5, herringbone belt: transparent shoulder belt, cotton belt, line belt, luggage ribbon: PP belt, nylon bag webbing, cotton belt, rayon ribbon, acrylic ribbon, jacquard ribbon. 。 。 7, velvet belt, elastic velvet belt, double-sided velvet with eight, all kinds of cotton, lace, velvet belt: velvet strip using the velvet material, a layer of thin hair ribbon inlaid 10, printed tape: customize different kinds of decorative pattern on the tape.

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