Ribbon factory to quote us the most accurate prices with the clients

by:BAILI     2020-11-17

do ribbon this line, no doubt is the price that put the most important, I want to do a lot of ribbon counterparts of their products are very familiar with, to own products can be quoted price. You run into a can not do your own ribbon quote accurate price, I think that is impossible. The ribbon factory is a brief introduction of how to put a ribbon quote us the most accurate prices. First need customer know the ribbon, what question can answer clearly. 1, the ribbon is what kind of? Such as: ribbon, grid belt, jacquard ribbon, cotton tape products, such as the need to points clear. 2, the specification is how old? Width, thickness need to understand clearly. 3, what material is this ribbon? Because the material is different, the price also is different. 4, what color ribbon is? There are a few color? This also want to understand, such as monochromatic ribbon to specify a little cheaper, the ribbon of a variety of color has your points. 5, need not to need dyeing? Some stain ribbon is customer's requirement, need the price of dyeing is different again. 6, a yard weigh? This is for the most accurate quotation to calculate a yard multiple, can know how many material this ribbon with a yard. 7, is single or double? Some ribbon has a single double-sided, so this also want to ask. 8, there are pictures for your reference, this is what is give us a visual judgement ribbon, can offer the more accurate. 9, how many quantity? This is a problem that can decided to give customers preferential, quantity many words, there is certainly a very favourable. 10, combined with their own factories, the teacher's salary, wages, etc.

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