Rich imagination, Velcro also can play like this

by:BAILI     2020-10-31
Because not tie shoelaces as a kid, my parents always buy Velcro shoes for us. Now I grew up, people have become lazy, I found the hook and loop is a great invention in particular, a tear a stick, folks! ! From appearing to now, the magic stick in fact is quite widely used in the trend of the elements, and has always been low-key deposit only. The sneaker is a field of hook and loop is often used. Name bring Air Force 1 X bring Stan Smith CF besides hook and loop shoe, bag, purse, and outdoor clothing such as Velcro, are often used in order to achieve the effect of convenient and practical. Bring about Stan Smith CF bring outdoor clothing Velcro cuffs of today's fashion trends, everyone pursuit individuation, brand is also in order to cater to the tastes of different customers and specially introduce their personal ID customized service. For ordinary magic stick, it again a tear paste paste performance actually can also be applied to boldly personalized design. At the beginning of this month, held twice a year, the Who 's Next 'fashion brand exhibition officially kicked off in Paris, France. This exhibition is the most authoritative fashion trade show in Paris, gather all the avant-garde design, international famous and high-end brands. Also show special support innovative young designer, also hope to take this message and bring people to show their inspiration. Among numerous fashion brands, there are several new fashion brand will be the magic stick into the personalization, the refreshing concept and hence this time the Who 's Next high-profile in the exhibition. Velcro can how to play? Hat brand from France local HABIT CACTUS, specialized design is given priority to with Velcro hat, but it's more Velcro in Belgium to provide special texture, is different from the general of Velcro, simple sense is more exquisite and beautiful. HABIT CACTUS Velcro has its functional is applied to the design elements, the product has no fixed pattern, only more designs and ideas, and you are where you want to stick to the. Bring pattern liberally from South Korea Heidenei bag brands are in the same game, and all the design of the products using the hook and loop, technology is very poor. In addition to accessories, Sans a Rouge a levres Jamais the French brand also apply the Velcro in clothing, exquisite material does not affect the clothes of the paste properties of softness and Velcro itself. Designers in order to make the dress more attraction, in addition to design a lot of design thought, include letters, can let buyers to spell out his own ideas. French brand Pairs in Paris also use Velcro on the shoes. In this time of the Who 's Next fashion show, several brand is given priority to with the Velcro has been greater attention, after all, is a combination of tradition and innovation, believe this kind of Velcro play may be in fashion trends of the future will be able to lift a boom.
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