Rounding the back glue Velcro not sticky's sake

by:BAILI     2020-11-11

back glue Velcro is necessary in our career, is necessary to apply them in many place, like a daily provisions, dress, shoes and hats, the power cord, the back glue Velcro has a huge influence, the product of the above with the consequences of it were cast in good, in our hats, as usual the sun hat will be buckled in front of the instrument, the original we came with a snap fastener, but the number of snap fastener is infinite, if size is too small, can't do it up, back glue Velcro on hat can at any time adjusting range, abnormal convenient, and once closed on easy, consistent with our application needs, but the goods are consumables, in our application process will be destroyed, also has a lot of product will become is not sticky, let's take a look at above is because what reason cause.

1。 Application: this product has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, flame retardant, the product's ability to adapt is unusually large, but in the face of the specific situations, have no what consequences, there are a lot of dust, or touching corrupt sex liquid, these will impact on hook and loop form whammy, the dust will make product glue not sticky, abnormal easily shattered and corrupt sex liquid grasp destroy product ribbon, in the time of application will be broken.

2。 The method of application: convenience and practicability of the back glue Velcro let a lot of people in the time of application will ignore, by solving the moment is not gradually, but abnormal rapidly, the number you can check on product surface and the surface of the hair is destroyed, close moments are all closed, people who do not pay attention to will you shut, so much will Velcro corset to tear off, it's really broken, otherwise is to component across it suffered in the size of the product, it sure is not able to.

3。 Made of the material: in the knot the end is guaranteeing quality, long life on the application of the product with good quality to determine, as usual we make data for the product is nylon, the data of environmental protection, without any harmful substances, can better application of god, this is the complete merchants work, but there are a lot of businesses sell products on the market quality is not ok, it's necessary to let's buying is sure enough, otherwise present did not good in the process of application.

the right back glue Velcro can bring you a lot of convenient, if the quality is not very good you will be unusually desperate, even if is a product quality is very good also need we in the application of the moment to enjoy, so much of their application is unusually long service life.

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