Run your brother to tear brand Velcro on how to sew the dress

by:BAILI     2020-10-25
Speaking of deng chao is the first reaction think of variety show is 'run brothers this variety show is known in 17 years, a variety show, in view of the group's teenagers are more loving, each issue of the program has a than playing with link nameplate is to tear this link, the link is also pretty exciting fun, through itching to play impulse from television special think oneself is what the characters can experience the feeling, looks very happy feeling, while watching them run very tired, this is what people often say that' life is movement '. Run to your brother to tear famous magic posted how to sew the clothes in this link on to tear designer, I believe you are curious on tearing designer on exactly how to sew the dress? Saying it is sew on still don't know, also have Ken can be stuck up, sew up when tear won't tear her clothes? But for the sew on something stick? The 'thing' called Velcro is usually long, can also according to customer's requirements to determine the shape, then can paste together. It tore when Ezra tesla's voice. Run to your brother to tear famous hook and loop the hook and loop on the how to sew the clothes can sewing, back glue Velcro can also, of course, depending on how you use the back glue Velcro. 。 。 Back glue Velcro brand there are many kinds of, have a plenty of adhesive directly go up, have a plenty of take sewing, each have each advantage! Seam on both sides of the clothes, can make it the cloth paste up something called the hook and loop. Industry jargon called snap button. Is a kind of connection accessories bags commonly used clothing. It points male female two sides: one side is soft fiber, the other side is a stab of elastic fibers. Male parent phase clasp, under a certain lateral force, under the condition of elastic hook is straight, loose and open from the loop pile, then restore the original hook type, so repeated opening and closing of up to ten thousand times. Is widely used in garment factory, shoes factory, bags factory, sofa factory, curtain factory, toy factory, tent factory, jin, sports equipment factory, medical apparatus and instruments factory, electronic plastics factory and form a complete set of all kinds of military products and other industries, and widely used all over the world from all walks of life.
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